Birchgrove Menu


Toast — 6

Choice of sourdough, soy and linseed, Turkish, rye, raisin or gluten free (+1) toast w/ house-made berry jam, crunchy peanut butter, vegemite or marmalade

Free-range Eggs your way — 10

Choice of fried, scrambled, or poached free-range eggs w/ toasted sourdough

B+E Roll — 11

Classic roll w/ thin crispy streaky bacon, 2 large free- range fried eggs and house -made tomato relish

Vanilla bean panna cotta granola (V,GF) — 14

House-made granola w/ quinoa ,almonds, coconut flakes and lightly sweetened with maple syrup served with vanilla panna cotta, golden spiced yogurt, seasonal fruit and berries

B.L.A.T.E. — 12.50

Thin and crispy streaky bacon accompanied by lettuce, avocado, fresh heirloom tomato and 2 large free-range fried eggs served w/ aioli on a soft roll

Breakfast bruschetta (V) — 14.5

Oven bake sweet potatoes, butternut pumpkin, melody tomato ,organic tofu, Spanish onion, whipped labneh ,a poach egg w/drizzle of charlotte’s house made dressing on crunchy pieces of baguette

Charlotte’s famous Smashed Avocado toast (V) — 14.5

Smashed avocado spread on sourdough toast, topped w/ Persian feta, heirloom tomatoes, toasted almonds  w/ a drizzle of charlotte’s house-made dressing

Citrus ricotta waffles(v) — 16.5

Two Belgian waffles on chocolate soil topped with sweet citrus ricotta ,seasonal berries topped with vanilla gelato

Green Eggs & Ham — 18.5

Chorizo Scotch eggs, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, house-made pistachio and arugula pesto, avodaise on toasted sourdough

Extra scotch egg for 6

Salmon gravlax — 18.5

Beetroot cured salmon, whipped labneh, pickled peppers, onion, crispy prosciutto, balsamic pearls and watercress on toasted multigrain bagel

Harissa Scrambled — 17.5

House-made harissa-infused scrambled eggs topped w/ Persian feta, grilled trusse tomatoes , prosciutto wrapped asparagus served on toasted sourdough

Rosti Benedictine (GF) — 19.5

Free-range poached eggs w/ beet cured salmon, baby kale, harissa perfumed hollandaise sauce on two mini potato rostis

Charlotte’s big sister — 22.5

Poached, fried or scrambled free-range eggs served w/ thin and crispy streaky bacon, mild Spanish chorizo, marinated field mushrooms, hash browns, roasted roma tomato, avocado & sourdough toast

Sides —

Wilted Spinach     3
Roasted roma tomato          3
Hash browns (2)   3
Avocado                  4
Bacon                       4
Chorizo  4
Leg ham 4
Mushroom              4
Haloumi 4
Smoked salmon    5


Falafel Wrap (VG) — 13

Crunchy house-made falafel served w/ homemade hummus, fresh tomato, onion, Lebanese pickles, mixed leaves and tahini on Lebanese bread

Mum’s Famous Lamb Wrap — 14.5

Marinated lamb fillet, homemade hummus, spiced onions, heirloom tomato, Lebanese pickles and mixed leaves drizzled with tahini and wrapped in Lebanese bread

Charlotte's decadent cheese burger — 19.5

TWO 100g premium beef mince patty with double cheese, Frenchie’s American  mustard, gherkin and tomato sauce served w/ shoestring fries

THE BEST AND BIGGEST Buttermilk Chicken Burger — 19.5

TWO Fried marinated chicken thigh fillets topped w/ jack cheese, grilled chilli pineapple, ice berg lettuce, harissa mayo and served w/ shoe string fries

Beef and chorizo Bolognese — 17

Rigatoni pasta served w celery, carrot, onion, topped with sour cream parsley and parmesan cheese

Roasted chicken salad — 17.5

Lemon herbed crispy chicken breast,  grilled broccoli, purple oak lettuce, pistachio pesto, melody tomatoes, avocado, almonds and pepitas

Superfood salad (V) — 18.5

quinoa, shredded kale, puffed wild rice, charred corn, turtle beans, melody tomatoes, goji berries, ricotta salata, citrus dressing

Poached chicken                   + 5

Smoked salmon                   + 5

Vegan falafel buddha bowl (V) — 18.5

Avocado, brown rice, quinoa, roasted pepper, carrot noodle, grilled broccoli, crispy chickpeas, roasted butternut pumpkin, ginger and lime dressing

Bowl of fries — 6

Shoestring fries w/ house blend seasoning

For the little ones

Charlotte’s little soldiers — 5

Boiled free-range egg w/ sliced toasted sourdough

Add Egg                   + 2

Bacon                       + 3

Ham + Cheese Toastie — 6.5




Kiddie cakes — 8.5

Hot cake, sliced banana, strawberries topped w/ vanilla ice cream and maple syrup

Kids cheeseburger — 10.5

100 g premium beef mince patty w/ cheese, tomato sauce, lettuce and a side of shoe string fries

Chicken nuggets + chips — 9.5


Coffee — 3.7 / 4.2

Campos Coffee Superior Blend

Sweet, fudgy, molasses toffee notes with a velvet mouth feel

SP9 – World’s purest filter coffee    5
Chai brew                                 5
Iced coffee                              7
Iced mocha                             7
Iced chocolate                       7
Babyccino                                1

Mocha, vanilla chai latte, decaf, extra shot, soy milk  +0.5

Almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk                +1



Premium tea by Origin — 4

English breakfast, earl grey, peppermint, sencha green, chamomile, chai, lemongrass + ginger

Blended frappés — 6.5

Coffee, mocha, chocolate, lemon + mint, mango, mixed berries, pineapple + mint

Smoothies — 7.5

Açai, banana, mango

Freshly squeezed juices — 7

Green machine : apple, celery, cucumber + mint

Veggie: beetroot, carrot, celery + ginger

Orange / Apple