Menu ATP


Toast — 5.5

Two slices of sourdough, soy and linseed, rye, raisin or gluten free (+1) w/ vegemite, peanut butter or house made jam

Housemade granola (V) — 10

House baked pecan and quinoa granola, pepitas, maple, almond, sultana, Greek yoghurt, seasonal fruits

Avocado smash (V) — 14

Smashed avocado, feta, basil & rocket pesto, blistered cherry tomato, pistachio dukkah

Eggs on toast — 10

2 free range eggs fried, poached or scrambled with your choice of toast

Sides —

Hash Brown                 3
Bacon                 4
Avocado    4
House Cured Salmon   6

Bacon + egg roll — 10

2 free range fried eggs, smoky bacon, BBQ sauce, rocket


Chermoula chicken burger — 17.5

Grilled chermoula marinated chicken, slaw, spanish onion, tomato, harissa mayo, fries


Halloumi, quinoa and mushroom burger — 17.5

House made halloumi and mushroom patty, beetroot, tomato, mint, garlic and lemon aioli and fries


Beef burger — 17.5

200g House made premium beef mince patty, crispy bacon, cheddar, pickles, Spanish onion, tomato, mayo, mustard and fries


Barramundi tacos (3) — 17.5

Grilled tortillas with marinated barramundi fillet, shredded cos, chipotle mayo, capsicum salsa and jalapeno lime dressing

Chili pulled brisket — 16.5

Chili and coffee braised beef brisket, black beans, sour cream, fresh chilli, brown rice, fattoush bread

Philly cheesesteak sandwich — 17.5

Thinly sliced ribeye steak, pan fried with caramelized onion, black pepper, provolone and rocket on a toasted ciabatta with side of fries

Penne (v) — 13

Penne pasta with basil pesto, cherry tomato, bocconcini, rocket and shaved parmesan

+ Chorizo           4.5


Coffee — 3.7 | 4.2

Campos Coffee Superior Blend

Sweet, fudgy, molasses toffee notes with a velvet mouth feel

SP9 – World’s purest filter coffee      5
Chai brew               5
Iced long black/Iced latte                     4.2
Iced chocolate/Iced mocha                  5
+ Ice cream             2

Mocha, vanilla chai latte, decaf, extra shot, soy milk +0.5
Almond milk, oat milk        +1


Premium tea by Origin — 4.5

English breakfast, earl grey, peppermint, sencha green, chamomile, chai, lemongrass + ginger


Freshly squeezed juices — 7

Apple Juice
Orange Juice
Green Machine: Apple, celery, cucumber & mint
Veggie Juice: Beetroot, carrot, orange + ginger
Mixed Fruit Juice: Apple, orange and pineapple

Milkshakes — 7

Chocolate |Strawberries | Vanilla | Caramel | Coffee +1

Smoothies — 8 - 9.5

Mango | Mixed berries | Banana                     8
Havana                    9.5
Mango + Passionfruit                  9.5
White chocolate coconut symphony            9.5
Salted Caramel                 9.5

Frappés — 8.5

Mango | Mixed berries
Chocolate | Frosted Latte | Red Velvet | Chai